Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coast to Coast! (nearlly)

Last week i was super excited about the $2-$5 game at the casino in Niagara, unfortunately i havent been able to make it down there as i have been really busy in Toronto and quite lazy. I played in the $1-$2 game last week and lost 2 buyins getting it in great, but variance got the better of me! Managed to get my money in with J(s)8(s) vs KK on a board of TT(s)9(s)4(s) and the river came a T for just over $500. I also get it in with AK vs AQ on a KT7 board for just over $500 again and the guy somehow hero calls with a gutshot claiming he has "tons of outs" before the hands were turned over! nice read matey ;)....the turn was a J sending me packing but i played very well so i can't complain.

I have decided to take a little break from online poker until i get to vegas on the 31st of october just playing sundays and the odd day from time to time. My main focus will be on live poker over the next 2 weeks as me and Tommy are moving to Niagara Falls. Our tenancy is over on our sublet so we might aswell grind hard at the casino as a warm-up for the venetian festival in november.

Lately me and my girlfriend have become obsessed with finding new foods which i am really enjoying! We spent 40 minutes driving around downtown toronto at 10pm looking for a special type of vietnamese soup called Pho(below), its a huge broth with noodles, meatballs, brisk, bamboo shoots and types of herbs that you add yourself. It was one of the best dishes i have had in a long time and i think i am going to make it a regular addition to my menu. Next on the list is ethiopian food......any suggestions?

Like i previously mentioned we will be heading to Las Vegas for the 31st of October. Initially me and Tommy were going to fly directly there and meet my friend Dave Jones (leknave) but the plans have changed. Basically i am really frustrated with poker and i dont want to step into a huge poker festival with a bad frame of mind so we have decided to plan a road trip.

This is our route:
Original Destination:New Destination

Toronto:Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls:New York City
New York City:Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh:Smokey Mountains
Smokey Mountains:Nashville
Arizona:Las Vegas
For the trip we have decided to rent a Chevrolet Uplander which seats 7 people, were leaving Niagara on the 17th and arriving in vegas on the 31st. I am super excited for this! We have plans for each location but if anyone has any recomendations then let me know and i will be very grateful. Looking forward to NYC becasue were staying for 3 nights and going to a Jets game (NFL).

This trip should put all 3 of us in a great frame of mind before hitting up the venetian deepstack festival. I am a true beleiver in enjoying yourself while you can so opportunities like this i just cannot pass up on!

One final shout out to James akenhead and praz who are both super deep in the wsope. gl to both of them.......VAMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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