Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rome wasn't built in a day

Saturday nights UFC arrived and it definetly lived up to my expectations. I was glad to see Paul Daley stepping up and putting in a shock victory against Martin Kampmann, goooo semtex! Junior Dos Santos proved he can fight with the best but i think its time for cro-cop to retire, whereas Rich Franklin showed us that he is always going to be a second tier fighter now that hes lost his chin. All in all an excellent card and i cant wait until next months ufc 104 where Machida's going to put shogun in the ground! Oh i also crushed my friend Benj in the ufc fantasy league this card so im very happy with that!

The final day of the wcoop arrived and being a sunday i played about 25 tournaments. I only had one really deep run in the party $215 where i finished 92nd out of 1403 for a disapointing $480 after getting in a flip to be 10/92. As i shut down my computer on sunday evening i started to think about the general direction i wanted my poker career to go. Do i want to play live? online? cash games? tournaments?....all these questions were bouncing round inside my head and i decided that in actual fact i want to do everything. I have come to the point in my career where i am learning alot about the game and i feel that to become the most well-rounded player possible i should be mixing it up as much as i can. Not only will this keep it fresh but it will also help me with my tournament game if i learn how to play more profitably down the streets.

Monday i managed do drag myself out of bed around 12.00 and arranged to go and see B's nona and nono (italian for nan and grandad). After visiting them i jumped back in the car and decided i wanted to go and play some live poker to build my own bankroll and generally lift my confidence a little as i have been losing quite alot lately. Being staked to play tournaments is hard on you from time to time as you only make money when you clear your make-up. You can go literally months without making anything so its essential that there are other ways available to earn cash when times are tough.

I hopped on the China bus to Niagara falls at and was sat in a $1-$2 NL game by The game was pretty slow but the standard was terrible and i played all the way through until 7am churning out a huge profit of $25. I was'nt feeling to bad because i was losing $400 at one point after getting set over setted and fading 15 outs twice for 2 pots that were $500 a piece. At that moment in time i had missed all the buses back to Toronto and i didnt like the idea of playing right through the day so i went and got a room with a guy who had been on my table all night and he didnt seem like he would try and rape me in my sleep. We went to the Days Inn and got a room for $50 and squeezed in 5 hours of sleep before getting kicked out of the room just after 12.

With my ass in tact and feeling fresh i decided to have a shot at the $2-$5 NL game at the newer casino as i heard that the standard was even worse than the $1-$2 that i had been playing the previous night. The max buyin for this game is $300 so everyone starts very shallow meaning that its quite a high variance game. I started off by losing 2 buyins immediatly! There was a crazy guy named Frank at the table who was drinking martinis at 1pm making it $55 blind every other hand and from time to time he would play his whole hand blind....he had over 3k in front of him and he said he was staying all day so i just COULDN'T leave this game. $600 down already after losing AQ vs the maniacs KT and KJ vs his A5 i was starting to get pretty pissed off with everything. I took a 10 minute break and was ready to go kick this guys ass.

In a game where a guys making it $55 blind utg and getting peelers who are folding to bets of $200 preflop i just felt this game was amazing value! I am not rolled to play this game but i decided i would have 2 more buyins to take a shot at this guy. By now theres alot of outside interest in the table and the crazy chineese are all sitting down moving in blind from time to time trying to figure out who has the biggest penis. In actual fact it was me who had the biggest penis on this day! I spun my $300 up to $1100 basically getting gifted the money by frank and at this point i could tell he wanted my head on a plate.

Frank opens to $45 utg bling and i look down at AA, i make it $165 everyone folds apart from Frank who calls blind. The flop is J92 with 2 spades. He now decides he wants to move all-in. The pot is $337 and he has shoved for $900 effective and vs this guy i think i can NEVER fold. so i call and he tables 99! right now i want to jump off a bridge but the dealer looks up at me with a twinkle in his eye and places an A on the turn and another A on the river to send Frank into a state of pure rage! Finally i had abit of run good.... now sitting on roughly $2200 i would usually want to leave quite soon but with the maniac on the table with over 2k infront of him i was in 2 minds. Do these situations arise alot? Can i afford to pass up on this opportunity? Is this to much money for me to lose? I decided to stay.

I managed to run my stack up to $2500 before deciding i wanted to leave as Frank was slowing down and B was headed to meet me with her friend Jen. I left the game at 8pm and met those guys at the bus terminal. I had been playing poker now for 24 hours with a 5 hour rest period so i was getting quite fatigued but i was buzzing about this new $2-$5 game i had found! Apparantly the game is like that every day and Frank is a reg!!!!

I took the girls to go play $1-$2 and we all sat around having drinks and having fun. All 3 of us were winners in the game. I made $500, B made $250 and jen made $50 which really topped off a great day of poker for me. Around 40 hours after i left to visit B's grandparents i stepped into my apartment and crashed out in literally 5 minutes fully clothed with my shoes on!

On reflection i have decided that i need to look at the long term picture. In the past i have been trying hard to get a $50k score when in reality all i need to do is regularly beat games and in time i will do very well. Playing live should be a regular part of my life and i think i will be re-visiting the $2-$5 game alot more often. There wasn't one good player at my table and if those guys are the regs i will gladly sacrifice a year of my life to that game!

Like they say "Rome wasn't built in a day"!


  1. cool update nicky.... you didnt crush me it was 191 to 187!! lol. im still the top dog with 2 titles to my name and i'm making it 3 in october

  2. Re-read it slowly and I think I deciphered it!