Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar!

Quite an eventfull week to say the least! I arrived in Niagara falls 4 days ago with the intention of grinding live cash for approximately 12 days until my friend Jones arrives from England. The week started off really well and i could tell the upswing was on its way. 1st of all me and Tommy managed to snap up a cheap hotel on for $45 CAD a night and its literally a stones throw from the casino. For those that dont know Hotwire its a site that gives you a location, star rating and price but leaves the name of the hotel out until you have paid for the stay. I couldnt have picked a better hotel if i tried, its actually connected to the casino....a great start, we were ready to go and crush the $1-$2 game.

I really wanted to go and grind the $2-$5 game at the newer casino but my girlfriend was in town to play poker and i still feel asif the game is a little out of my roll so i decided to put in a huge 12 day grind at the older casino. On day 1 i put in a 13 hour session and left up $900 but the next few days didnt go as planned. On day 2 i lost $505 and day 3 headed in the same direction as i lost $345. Day 4 was slightly better, i ended up winning $350 which put me up about $400 over the 4 day period. When you factor in the hotel costs and food expenses i was basically breaking even on my whole trip but now it was all paid for and i had a clean slate for the next 8 days. As usual i took a break from live poker on Sunday because "its a Sunday".....!

I woke up at 11.45am and registered all of my tournies online which totals around $2000-$5000 depending on how far i get in the early tournaments. If i get deep in the early tournies i tend to unregister the later ones so i can concentrate when it gets to the business end. I walked Babs to Tim Hortons and she headed back to Toronto for a few days so she could get a passport for our roadtrip. I got back to the room at 12.45pm just as the party million started. The day started off really well, i ran deep in the stars Warmup placing 98th for 1k and i acumulated a few nice stacks early on in a few more. I generally play my best poker when i am 5-7 tabling but on a sunday sometimes i get up to about 10 tables early on. Tommy is sick, he 16 tables with ease now which blows my mind but i find i enjoy it more and its more profitable when i play less. After busting in a few good tournaments i was starting to get a little pissed off but i had one really good prospect in the ipoker $330, 250k. This Tournament starts with about 1,000 runners and i was 10/30!

Up until the last 3 tables i had no idea that tommy was still in the tournament as we are generally to busy to discuss what comps were deep in, we just talk hands rather than tourney situations. We both managed to reach the final and met for the 1st time in the whole tournament. At that point i was really short with roughly 8bbs and tommy had about 25bbs. There was 1 maniac on the table and the rest of the guys were generally tight/bad players. We both managed to maintain a stack of around 15bbs for the majority of the final which was about average. The guy who eventually placed 3rd pretty much knocked out most of the final table going on a sick heater. me and tommy were 5 handed and i was starting to get pretty nervous at that point! I had been losing over the past 5 months and i found myself with a shot to get out of it which i never really expected to happen in 1 tournament.

When we were 5 handed me and tom decided to make a deal that if one of us goes on to win then we will give the other 10% of the difference between our prizes which was a little incentive sweetner for the both of us. I couldnt beleive that we were both on the same final and obviously we decided to avoid eachtoher at all costs. We both won a few flips and eventually we got the maniac to spew his stack taking us 3 handed. The ipoker $330 is a very shallow tournament when you get to the deeper stages so there wasnt to much 3betting light or 4betting going on. If someone 3bet, they "had it" and showed! When we were down to the last 3 the payouts were 3rd=21k, 2nd=32k 1st=58k so me and Tommy decided that we would do a deal and carve it up if we get heads up. After about an hour of playing 3 handed tommy finally knocked out the guy in 3rd to take us heads up....we played it out for a while and eventually got in a 50-50 situation for stacks and i luckily won the flip. We were both winners and i got rewaded with this.......

After doing the math i took 46k and i could feel the huge weight on my shoulder instantly easing off! As most people know i am a staked player and i have been losing since the wsop in june. My confidence had been low and i feel asif i wasnt playing my A game. I tried everything to get myself back on track and i found some great inspiration from people like Moorman, Pab, Tommy, James and Middy who told me to just stay positive and put in the volume. I thank all these guys for there help

It came at the prefect time and it just makes me hungrier to win more. With the roadtrip only a matter of days away now and the Venetian deepstack festival to look forward to i am seriously excited for the following months.

The goal now is to back this up and prove to people that i am not a 1 hit wonder....

All in all one of the best weeks of my life :)


  1. sick sick day wp up to and through the final . . . truly deserved after a tough few months!



  2. proud of ya mate, that's amazing, it can only get better you jammy git! x

  3. Well done mate ... had to come sooner or later... just proves you gotta keep playing good poker and not worry too much about the swings, especially when your playin relatively big buy in events with such big fields.

  4. Great result, well played.


  5. Fair fkin play m8, gr8 result!

  6. go on my son!!!!

    nice blog, see u in vegas