Tuesday, October 13, 2009

As Busy As A Bee!

First of all i would like to say thankyou to everybody that has sent me "well done" messages from last week. I am still a little bit shocked!

Since my last update i have failed to play a single hand of tournament poker and its starting to kill me.... I am absoloutely itching to get back out there and grind but i have been held back for a few reasons.

Firstly i have managed to switch over from being backed by James Dempsey to being backed by Chris Moorman. This is an exciting move for me which has been 'up in the air' for a few weeks now but following my recent score the trade has been completed. Chris is probably the best online tournament player in the world to this date. His knowledge and enthusiasm to teach will be a huge factor in helping me to achieve poker immortality ;). I would like to state that i am very grateful for what James did for me and i wish him all the best with his current stable.

Second of all its "thanks giving" weekend so me and my girlfriend B have been attending Family meals in preperation for the world hot dog eating championships! Thats not entirely true but i think i could give it a shot now.....

Third and finally Dave Jones has arrived from England which i guess means my road trip has officially started. I have been running round like a mad man cleaning clothes, saying goodbye to people and finding accomodation for the next few days trying to get ready for this epic adventure. All in all a pretty boring week to report on but i guess its the calm before the storm!

Like i said i haven't played for over a week now but i think this is a good idea just before i hit vegas for the venetian festival. Being a degenerate i still managed to rack up about 5 hours of railing time on Sunday to see Brummie Boy come 2nd in the million for 165k! Amazing result for a really decent bloke....Fellow shrewdie Chiprich had a great day also winning over 20k just missing out on coming on the roadtrip by 1 spot. Hopefully he can run a bit better deep so he can join us in Vegas. Yet again Middy was close to winning the world but got very unlucky deep in the stars 500 and ended up coming 9th for 5k (its coming).

So this week is going to include numerous days of sightseeing with Jones and Tommy followed by waveing off Toronto :( I obviously have mixed emotions at the moment as i will be departing my girlfriend for 2-3 months but i am very eager to "shuffle up and deal" both live and online!


  1. zomg im famous i got mentioned in nicky lee evans' blog

  2. zomggggg, i got a mention too, ty Nicky.

    Have fun on the roadtrip!

  3. Is Mr Moorman going to give you some sort of coaching as part of the staking deal? Pretty sick if he does.

    Congrats on the $46k

  4. Great updates Nick ;-)

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  6. Have a great time on the road trip Nicky Lee!