Friday, October 30, 2009

A change of plans!

Its been roughly 2 weeks since my last update and to be completely honest i was dreading the thaught of having to write my next post...We have done more than i ever expected!

We spent the most part of Sunday freezing our asses off watching the Jets and the Bills. One of the best sporting experiences of my life. The stadium was absoloutely incredible but we ended up in the nosebleeder section. It wasnt shy of entertainment though with fights breaking out and beers getting hurled at eachother. Its not as bad as it sounds (a woman got thrown out for throwing a plastic beer at some dude) and i am quite suprised at how little trouble there is as there is no home or away stand....its all mixed!

Most people came to the game equiped with duvets and ear warmers. Me, tommy and jones decided that a t-shirt and hoody would be enough! We ended up doing our brains on jets gear to keep us from getting hypothermia.

The game was so close and went 10 minutes into overtime with both teams missing multiple chances to seal the deal. Eventually the Bills beat the Jets which was a little disapointing but all in all an amazing game and a great day.

The Next 2 days in NYC we managed to cover alot of ground for 3 lazy fckers. We scaled the empire state building which was absoloutely amazing, went on a virtual tour of nyc, went out in west village and finally off to a pretty awesome club called Tenjune. Tenjune was home to probably the best DJ i have ever heard. The guys name was Mr Mauricio and apparantly hes known worldwide and i can definetly see why. He was mixing songs that are just unmixable, scratching with 3 decks and changing it up like you wouldnt beleive.

Our original plans were to hire a car in NYC and drive to Vegas stopping off in a few places on the way over 2 weeks. Things changed...

After looking online for about 15 minutes we started to get inpatient. A few sites wanted over 4k for a drop off fee and our views began to change. After about 10 minutes of delibertaion we had booked 3 train tickets from NYC to Vegas with a stop over in Chicago for 7 hours. The journey was scheduled as follows:

NYC to Chicago = 19 hours
Chicago to Kingmann, Arizona = 34 hours
Kingmann, Arizona to Vegas = 2 hours

The entire journey was filled with pleasant suprises. Obviously its not the same as driving because you cant get off the train to take pictures and enjoy the scenery but we did see some truely amazing scenes along the way. Its pretty hard to get good pictures through a window doing +70kmh but i managed to get a few gems.

The 1st night on the train we got absoloutely hammered playing Chineese poker for a good 8 hours. It seemed like a great idea at the time but we were suffering when we hit Chicago. We put our luggage in the locker for a few hours and ran around Chicago getting pics. Chicago seems very diverse. The buildings are pretty spectacular and i am very glad we managed to stop over for a while. We squeezed in a quick trip to the movies to see 'Zombieland' which was 6/10 in my opinion. Then it was Back to the Train Station for the epic 34 hour journey to Kingmann.

We were so tired after a restless night on the train so when we got on our new one i passed out like a light for a rediculous 14 hours :). I managed to sleep under the chair fully stretched out like i was in a bed which was nice. The new train had an amazing glass observation room with chairs and tables so we set up camp there for the duration of the trip. We went though a few pretty isolated areas in New Mexico where u couldnt actually see anything on the horizon. Just the occasional deer and cow.

One of the higlights on the train were the microwave cheeseburgers, they were incred. Me and jones went through about 15 of them and tommy cleaned out all the veggie burgers (fag burgers as the attendant said) onboard. Another 10 hours of chinese mixed in with a little "how i met your mother" and we arrived in Kingmann. Two hours later we were in vegas checking into our room at the holiday inn express. One flip left to go.... for the beds! There were 2 doubles and 3 people to fill them so we flipped to see who had to sleep on the floor. On checking in we were told that there were no more spare cotts left so this was a pretty big flip. Jones lost which completely blew my mind. About 10 minutes later we hear a knock on the door, in walks an 8ft mattress. The kid is blessed!

We spent our 1st day in Vegas playing Beer Pong at O'Sheas which is quite possibly the best game in the world for drinking. 8 pitchers of beer later we found ourselves pretty wasted. The night gets a little hazey from this point but i made it back to the hotel safely after being thrown out of a bar for being to drunk (probably for the best)... On trying to get into my hotel i lost my key and the guy at reception said to the security guard that he didnt recognise me. This doesnt sound to bad on his part but when you factor in that we checked in at 3AM the night before and had a 30 minute chat with the guy about college football, NFL and various other things it kinda blew my mind. How many random English guys checked in that night????? After an hour of sitting outside the guy at reception went for a cigartte and someone else walked in with a key so i managed to sneak in behind him. When i got to my room nobody was in and miraculously i found my room key lodged in my back pocket. Maybe i was to drunk!

The next 6 days were spent at the Stratosphere hotel (tommy lost the flip for the bed) where we mainly grinded cash games. Since arriving here i have been running super bad but i am playing very well. I am losing a little in the cash games but i have had so many huge pots where my equity has been huge. I keep finding myself on the dark side of variance which cant last forever.

We are moving out of the Stratosphere hotel today and into our house which i am excited for. The Venetian festival has just started and i am very excited. I am going to focus alot on being as well prepared as possible for these tournaments so i will not be drinking before each tournament. I have had my initial "were in vegas" celebratory drink and now its business time! My blog will mainly be poker based for the next month as my aim is to really get my head down and win something decent. Lets hope i can run a little better from now on.........Happy Halloween all :)


  1. Very well written sir! Sounds like your having a great time, and I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Great update Nick.. and best of luck to you