Saturday, October 17, 2009

One For The Road! GoodBye Toronto

So the Road trip has arrived and B arranged a goodbye meal for me at her family’s restaurant. About 10 people showed up and we had a great meal followed by a night out on the town. The night included flipping to see who chooses which pool player they wanted in a random match up for $20 a game. Obviously Jones wins 2 on the bounce and decides to get a round of jager bombs in! The night gets a little hazy from this point on but it was definitely a fun night from the vague recollection that I have.

Thursday morning arrived and we had planned to go to Canada’s wonderland but it was closed so we packed up our stuff and headed to Niagara. Tommy and Jones checked into a Balla hotel with an amazing view of the falls. Me and B booked a place just up the road for a little privacy. We stayed in for the evening and watched hurt locker, Jones and Tommy managed to find themselves in a “really friendly bar“ just outside of town….

Friday we met up in the afternoon and went down to the falls, being our normal degenerate selves we decided to go on the maid of the mist but Jones come up with a genius idea “lets flip to see who has to go on the boat trip into the falls without wearing a waterproof jacket” classic leknave! Jones flips “tails”, I flip “heads” Tommy is free rolling…..I already know what’s happening here because Jones is a true god at winning these things. Tommy steps up “Tails” fuck my life!

The boat takes you right into the centre of the horseshoe falls so there’s no escaping the backsplash you get! Nice and dry nick quickly became soaked to the bone Nick! Truly one of the most overwhelming experiences I have ever had and worth every cent at $14.95!!!!

After the falls we headed to the local bowling alley for a few games and a couple of pitchers of beer. It looked like we wasn’t doing to badly until 2 girls aged about 14 came and bowled in the lane next to us! Both of them wiped the floor with all 4 of our scores which kind of pissed me off as I had been seriously trying my hardest!

We finished up 3 games with Jones getting the overall best total score of xxx! Our evenings didn’t really deviate to much from that of the previous nights, me and b went back to our hotel to hang out for our final evening together, Tommy and Jones went to a club named dragonfly where they faded to pounce!

I woke up Saturday morning with mixed emotions. Obviously I was a little excited about my trip ahead but I was completely gutted that I was saying goodbye to my girlfriend for at least a month and possibly up to 3. She was originally planning to come on the trip but circumstances with her pharmacy career meant she couldn’t miss a crucial qualifying exam which she needed to study for, thus meaning she had to stay! This is one of the biggest problems about being a travelling poker player. It seems great having all the freedom but from time to time it gets hard to leave people behind whether it be family, old friends, new friends or loved ones. I think that’s part of the sacrifice we have to make to fit in as much live volume as possible. Hopefully she will come to visit me in Vegas when I win an event at the VenetianJ…

Our train was booked for 10.35am leaving Niagara falls for NYC and we literally made it to the station with 5 minutes to spare, we collected the tickets and boarded our Amtrak(spelling) train.

We started on the Canadian side of the border so we had to go through customs which meant getting off our train and going into this little building for a 2 hour interrogation. Its pretty daunting getting questioned by a guy with a gun strapped to his hip especially when you cannot answer any of the questions he’s asking you! Jones and Tommy booked our NYC hotel on hotwire and forgot what the name of it was so having no internet connection at the station we couldn’t tell them a location(we looked like complete morons) …a little slapped wrist and $18 dollars lighter off (border fees?????) and we were back on the train headed for NYC.

Thinking back now on a previous suggestion from Tommy that we should flip to see who has to tick yes to every box on the customs form, im rather glad that we didn’t!!! Especially as one box says “will you be entering the country with the intentions of taking part in illegal activities”…..

Everyone soon dozed off after the train set off so I decided to lay down in my chair/bed to update my blog.

We finally arrived in NYC 11 hours after we set off and we were pleasantly surprised that our hotel is right next to Madison square gardens. More importantly I managed to win the flip to get my own bed whereas Jones and TC will be spooning for the next 3 nights J. Still feeling a little gutted but I am eagerly awaiting the jets and the bills tomorrow. Lets hope I don’t lose the flip to wear a bills shirt in the jets stand!!!!


  1. hahahha, the flips are genius. Esp the Bills shirt. Nutty sports guy is on Bills + 10 let Jones know plz. Great update, looks like your having a great time, keep them coming. x

  2. Wow!!! You actually won a flip for once YA....x.x.x.

  3. Hope you are enjoying yourself, mbn to have the money for these 6 month long holidays.

  4. nice life! cya in vegas 10 days wiiiii

  5. Do you find a lot of people are jealous of you Evans?

  6. hows the road trip going?

    update imo