Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ups, Downs and OMG JAKE CODY's!


I last managed to update my blog on the 30th of september and i had full intentions of continuing with regular updates. I love to write and when im in the mood i find everything just flows. The past 3 months have definetly been the most stressfull and hectic of my life and in all truth i just couldnt find the time, energy or motivation for blogging. I wont do the usual thing of promising il update every few days or even weeks as its just not gna happen! But the support that everyone has given me is overwhelming. When i hear that people i havent spoke to in years are reading my updates it makes it all worth while.

I left off in Vegas just leaving the Stratosphere for our new house which we stayed in for about a month. The house included me, dave jones, tom cunningham, pete steel, and maria demetriou. We also ran into a load of English guys out there which was cool (aaron, james, sunny and sunny) as we had our own little army ready for James Akenheads final. Tickets wernt as easy to get as we expected and it only ended up being me, dave and maria that went, but it was by far the single best day of drinking in vegas that i have ever had. Unlucky for James to come 9th after that epic triple up (i lost my voice on the river) but as we have seen since hes not going to shy away into the crowd (expect great things from this guy). Me and Dave managed to find ourselfs quite outnumbered in the Antoine Saout cheering section and we made friends with 2 guys jason and michael who were there just to rail anybody they possibly could.

They claimed they wernt drinking but me and Dave managed to twist their arms into getting involved in drinks flips. 12 hours later we were getting escorted out the exit for being to drunk and loud..... pretty sure pointing out that the security guard looked like bjorn borg and taking props on how long people would last in the seats around us (the stabbing section) due to noise pollution didnt help! I dont have to many crystal clear memories of the whole day but i do recall singing songs for pretty much every person on the final.....I was pretty dissapointed with the cada fans towards the end of the night but most of them wernt as plastered as us 4 hooligans. All together a great day and i woke up with more money than what i went out with which was a good sign (owned jones at red and black flops + drink flips and we won on craps).

In the madness that is VEGAS u never really know whats going to happen on a day to day basis. Most days go like this poker, beer pong, more beer then more beer....and a fat burgers to end the night. seriously fatburgers are outta this world there like 4 inches thick and taste amazing!! Im really glad we started to explore vegas this time because we had some great times. Me jones and dino went to WEC to see Aldo vs Brown which absoloutely rocked! We also managed to meet floppy who recommended going to see steel panther at the green valley casino (its fckin miles out).....yet again another great night highlighted by seeing brummieboy rocking out to over aged rockers singing "sweet child of mine". Bowling with Dino and jones was fun but i completely suck so wont be writing to much about that ;) the one thing i will comment on is the price....we stroll up to the desk in the orleans and we ask for 2 games of bowling each and the guy goes......."thatll be $2 each please guys" so we decided to splash out and get some beer in..."$5 a pitcher of beer"..WOW!! imagine our faces when they said $2 each (a KODAC moment)!

The rest of the vegas trip mostly involved us playing more beer pong and grinding the venetian deepstacks. I managed to come 4th in one of the $550s for $14,000 which i was pretty dissapointed with as at 5 handed they offered me 20k in a deal but i turned it down as i felt really confident and the other guys wernt applying to much pressure. I managed to bust in 4th getting ak in against kk blind on blind which is pretty cold. Jones came 2nd in the $1,050 for $22k (i think) which was nice as i had a share of him. I think overall i made about 5k on the trip but this was just working off my makeup with moorman so i headed back to the uk with about 8k makeup to clear.

Theres not to many things in life that i am crazy passionate about but im definetly a guy that likes to be around my friends and people that care about me. Being a poker player is very tough sometimes but i have to sacrifice so i have the opportunity to live a comfortable life in the future. I am not saying that what im doing is sacrificing because in a lot of peoples eyes i am "living the dream" and i am eternally grateful to have this opportunity. I just think that its tough to spend so much time away from people that you truely care about and right now i havent seen my girlfriend in 3 months which is killing me. Im sure most people dont care but it is really tough, this should be the only time this ever has to happen. Anyway my point being was that on returning to Southend i got to see alot of friends that i havent seen in years which really got me in great spirits for the online grind i was preparing over the next 2 months.

Over the next 2 weeks i put in probably the biggest grind of my life and ended up losing 10k which drove me up the wall.I was running horribly and playing badly as a result..... something had to change! i was feeling like this guy...

After hanging around with a friend of mine (Luke Linden) i decided to grind at his house and he had a decent setup which really helped me to focus during my session. The next day i went out and bought a new reclining chair and a desk so i had no excuses whatsoever to play bad. This was probably one of the best investments i have ever made. The next month i put in some of the best performances of my life. I won the ipoker 50r for 12k, won the party 163 for 7k, won the ongame 500 for 12k, finalled the ub 200 for 5k and came 4th in the party 215 for 16k. I had cleared my makeup and managed to put some money away to last for the next "little while". I now realise how important it is to be comfortable when grinding online for long periods.

Most outsiders that dont play poker would think that playing online is easy and its just clicking buttons but it really is exhausting if u put in a big session especially if u grind on multiple days back to back. After my month of grinding i decided to go to EPT deauville with matt perrins and jake cody to take abit of a break from online. Me and Matt planned to go to Venice to play the IPT (matt won it last year for 150k) but as i hate flying and so does matt we decided to take the train. Obviously we got delayed on the eurostar and missed the last train from paris to venice so we headed to Deauville a week early. Now Deauville is a very nice place......if your 3000 years old. I really couldnt find any place more isolated for a poker player if i tried. The shops close at 4pm, you cant get food anywhere apart from the hotel lobby/room service (sandwich=28 euros), the staff are rude and theres absoloutely nothing for a youngster to do there. Both Matt and i ended up getting food poisoning which was absoloutely brutal, i came 10th in the brawl for 3k when the winner took 125k, bubbled the ub 2.5k where a min cash was 4k, came 10th in an ept side event for 3k where the winner got 68k and busted the main event right at the end of day 1 after losing 2 races and a 70/30. All together Deauville was going horribly..................

UNTIL JAKE CODY WON THE MAIN EVENT FOR 850,000 EUROS (which i had about 3% of his action!!! ) Well done mate i am super happy for you and thank you for saving my whole trip!

Leaving Deauville with alot more money than we went there with was definetly a bonus and a touch of karma for the food poisoning and the horrible treatment we received while we stayed there. Now im back in the UK and i cant wait to head over to Canada. Ive sent off for myVISA and its all being processed as we speak so about 4 weeks and i should be outta here. In the mean time i will be playing the UKIPT in Manchester and the GUKPT in Walsall.

I would like to congratulate my girlfriend on passing her pharmacy qualifying exam, im so proud of u. Congratulations to moorman for having the luckiest dollars in the world and congratulations to jake again u sicko!

Now its back to the grind for the next few weeks........Oh and the small matter of planning Vegas 2010!!!